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Toxic Girl


"Toxic Girl: Experience intense gameplay with a bold, unfiltered words."

Medium Girl


"Medium Girl: Enjoy balanced gameplay with a mix of challenge and fun."

Normal Girl


"Normal Girl: Experience straightforward, enjoyable gameplay with a relaxed vibe."

Buy Girl Players for BGMI at Best Price

Toxic Girl
For ₹499, immerse yourself in 6 hours of intense and unfiltered gameplay with our Toxic Girl. She brings bold energy and a fierce edge to every session, making your gaming experience thrilling and unpredictable. Perfect for those who love a challenge and enjoy high-stakes interactions.

Medium Girl
For ₹399, enjoy 6 hours of balanced and engaging gameplay with our Medium Girl. She offers a perfect mix of challenge and fun, providing a well-rounded gaming experience. Ideal for players seeking a harmonious blend of excitement and relaxation.

Normal Girl
For ₹349, experience 6 hours of straightforward and enjoyable gameplay with our Normal Girl. She provides a relaxed and steady gaming session, perfect for those looking for a comfortable and easy-going playtime. Great for casual gamers who want a smooth and consistent experience.

Girls, please do not meet any player in person for your safety. Play only online, as in-person meetings can put you at risk.